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Have you tried our Plumbread? Of course you have, why wouldn't you. What about our Luxury Plumbread? This one is just the best product at Christmas time. Very similar to our award winning Traditional Plumbread but with added spices and beautiful succulent cherries.
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Quality Products

Here at Pocklingtons we only use the best quality ingredients available in everything we make. If we can use a quality ingredient that is also locally produced then we also do that. Scayman's eggs are laid locally on a chicken farm with similar high standards to us so we are pleased to be using their eggs. Try one of our egg custards and see for yourself what a difference this makes.

Winter in the Bakery

Christmas is nearly here. A busy time in any bakery but especially here at Pocklingtons. We have to plan for huge numbers of mince pies and pork pies. When you make every one by hand as we do then planning is the key. For the two weeks before Christmas all leave is cancelled. Well, it isn't really cancelled - we are not that type of business. More like 'It is all hands to the pump so please don't book any time off for those weeks'. We are now flat out selling mince pies, Christmas cakes, Pork Pies and Grandma Lester's Christmas puddings. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Santa brings all the gifts you asked for.
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Lincolnshire Plumbread

Monthly Product

Pocklington's famous Traditional Lincolnshire Plumbread
and Luxury Plumbread is still made using the original
recipe. More >

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